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Build your own Group Community Membership, Help more people with less of your personal time involved, and Have a Recurring Income

You will go through a process of building your own mini membership and attract the first members into it, so you can have a very engaged paid community and earn a recurring income!

Join our Membership so you can go through a 3-step process and build your own Paid Membership Community

Instead of building a “FREE” Social Media Audience/FB group/E-mail list, you should have people in a paid membership community!

Yes, you should have a mini community of "committed customers" who are already on your side of the fence - they are paying you, they will open your next E-mails, they will attend your live calls, they will do what you will say them to do next!

This will allow you to:

  • First of all - have a recurring income!
  • It’s very easy to sell people into a paid membership first, so they get a taste of you, rather than directly into high-ticket coaching packages
  • Low entry point, you can help more people, build them up, and when the time is right, they can go into your high-ticket
  • People can stay in for longer, and actually get some results
  • It's not a huge responsibility for you to run a membership (you can produce new content and engage with your community at your own schedule)
  • *BONUS: I will teach you how to give all new members registering an opportunity to pay you for a 1-1 consulting/strategy session that can also serve you as a "sales call" for a high-ticket coaching package or VIP membership 'up-sell' enrolments
  • The compounding effect will hit in on long-term and your “recurring income” will expand a lot

Imagine this! If you actually have a mini paid membership (for which you charge $7 or $39 per month, whatever the price is) ...

into which you are enrolling 2-5 members per week

(yes, this is easily possible to achieve, organically from social media content!),

in weeks, months, 1-2 years, ...

you will have dozens/hundreds of members paying you monthly membership

(and you will on top still enroll high ticket coaching clients from it)

- which you wouldn't have at all if you wouldn't run your own membership and would just keep having a FREE Social Audience/FREE FB group!

Go through a 3-step process and build your own Paid Membership Community - Only $7 per month

By joining the membership, you will receive instant access to the video guiding you through the process of setting up your own membership, along with weekly Zoom coaching calls for additional support and continuous learning.

Step 1 - Creating your membership

Deciding on the most juiciest problem that you will be solving for your members - and deciding on the membership "inclusions"/offer

Step 2 - Setting up the website system

Building up the membership technical system (sales page, order page, recurring payments, course members area, FB group, etc…)

Step 3 - Getting the first members

Start promoting your membership and attract the first members for it organically from your content - also, gather interest for your membership before it's even ready (pre-launching)

Are you ready to build your own membership and create a recurring income for yourself?

What if you could finally solidify your course/coaching income with building your own membership?

For example, I am getting 2-4 new membership sign-ups every week. This is adding to my monthly recurring revenue, and for that, I don't need to work much more!

Primoz Lazar

Client attraction and course launch coach

I have struggled with achieving consistent and predictable income for 3-4 years - I've worked with many high ticket coaching clients, but was enrolling them "in spikes"! Until I discovered the idea of running paid memberships - and now I am earning a recurring monthly income predictably!

This is exactly what I am going to help you achieve as well, for only $7 per month!


Build a Group Community Membership

Instead of enrolling new course/coaching clients sporadically, have a recurring and predictable income from running your own membership

Here is What You're Going to Receive:

Immediate access to The 3-step Build your own Membership Process + Ongoing Access to the Community and Weekly Coaching calls

  • 'Build your Own Membership' Course - Follow a 3-step process through which you will build your own membership
  • Build your own Membership Offer for which you can charge your members monthly subscriptions
  • Set up a Membership Sales Funnel System - Sales page, automatic registration process, charge recurring income via Paypal/Stripe, E-mail marketing, Course Members Area
  • Learn and Master The Content Client Attraction Method so you can attract new members by creating social media content
  • Website technical system template - Payment system template (Free Software) to process monthly subscriptions (via PayPal and Stripe), Sales page template, Order page template, Order bump template, Course members area template
  • Course Members Educational Library - Continuously updated library of resources + Free coaching in the comments section under any lesson of the courses
  • FB Group Community of other likeminded coaches who are practicing "content client attraction" + Unlimited FB group Questions and Feedback
  • Members-Only E-mail Newsletter delivering valuable updates
  • Watch Live Coaching Calls - You can listen to our live "VIP group mastermind" calls streamed into our FB Group
  • + AMAZING BONUSES AND COURSES that will help you become a full-time online coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of this membership and how long is the commitment?

This membership is $7 per month, it reoccurs every month, and it's Cancel Anytime!

I am just starting out with building an online course/coaching business, will building my own membership also work for me?

Yes, building your own mini membership is an awesome idea to begin with as a starting course creator, coach. It doesn't require you to be a total "Expert" yet (you are not charging high ticket), it's easy to get members/clients for it, it's a low ticket entry price point, and it will provide you with recurring/stable income.

Why does this cost only $7?

We made it affordable for any starting online course creator/coach, so you can actually get some results, and after you achieve some financial results, upgrade into our next programs that will help you achieve even greater results

How quickly can I expect to get the first members for my membership?

This completely depends on how quickly you will implement all our 3-course lessons and build up your membership. It also depends on your previous marketing experience, what kind of social audience have you already built and another few factors. But the goal is that you get the first 3-5 members into it, and then 10 and 20, ...

Who are the members of the community?

Mostly women life coaches, healers, spiritual guides who are growing their online course/coaching practices. We meet on weekly group coaching calls, participate in a FB group community and help each other.

How many group coaching calls do I get?

With our VIP Group Mastermind (those who are paying $49 per month) we are having 2x weekly group calls where they get helped. For $7 per month you can listen to those live calls, but you are unable to participate.

What are the things I won't learn in this membership?

You will only learn how to create and launch your own membership. You will also learn some 'content creation for client attraction' fundamentals. You won't really learn how to create your high ticket coaching program, how to set up your website, launch a group coaching program, or run paid ads, ... But if you will have questions about any of these similar things, we will gladly point you toward our other courses and coaching programs that provide those answers.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we don't offer refunds. But you can cancel anytime before your next monthly payment charge re-occurs. The membership entry price point is only $7, and only our video course is valued above $297, so you don't have anything to lose.

How do I cancel the membership?

You can easily cancel the membership in your member dashboard area before your monthly period ends, and you won't be charged anymore. Or simply E-mail us and we will cancel it for you - no questions asked


What if I can help you build your own membership and teach you how to get the first few members for it?

I will take you through a 3-step process so you can build your own membership and learn how to attract your first members for it through creating social media content ...

and I will guide you and coach you on this journey ...

FOR ONLY $7 per month

Why am I giving away this process for this low price? Because I truly want to help you solve your biggest problem! Which is "not having a recurring and predictable income" with your online course or coaching business!

I truly want you to get some results, as I know how hard it is to become a full-time online coach, course creator!

And what I love the most is ...

That if you only build your own membership, and get 50 people on a mini $7 per month membership and 20x on your VIP $49 membership, this can provide you with a consistent recurring part-time income and can change your life forever.

But more importantly, then you will have a paid community of customers and some of them will want to become your high ticket coaching clients as well - and you will start being also paid those "big bucks"!

Get immediate access to the Process, Templates, and Community ...


for life coaches, healers, spiritual guides

Build your own Paid Community Membership to Have a Recurring income for Only $7/MONTH

For just $7/month, you will go through a process of building your own mini membership and attract the first members into it, so you can have a very engaged paid community and earn a recurring income!