Build a Paid Group Mastermind Community Membership

You will get access to the 3-step Course and group coaching and mastermind calls so you can be guided during your process of building your own paid community and attracting members to it

Here's What's Included

  • GOAL: Build a Group Community Membership and Generate predictable 'enrolments' through "Content Attraction" so you can have a "Recurring Income" - Have the first 10-15 people in your group mastermind membership paying you $149 per month, and with that have a part-time monthly recurring income!
  • 'Build a Group Mastermind' Course - Follow a step by step process through which you will build your own membership community
  • Build your own Membership Group Mastermind Offer for which you can charge your members monthly subscriptions
  • Set up a Membership Sales Funnel System - Sales page, automatic registration process, charge recurring income via Paypal/Stripe, E-mail marketing, Course Members Area
  • Build a list of interested people, and how to talk to people (Content attraction, who do you know?, making new connections), DM’s, Calls
  • Enrolling the first members - Opening the doors, enrolling the first 3-5 members so you can start running your group program
  • Content Client Attraction Consistency - Post attraction content through a library of Topics, different Formats, following a consistent weekly Schedule
  • Group Coaching Calls - Where you receive feedback on your course tasks completion, receive marketing/sales guidance, you get your questions answered, and we support each other as a mastermind community
  • Group Mastermind Calls - We brainstorm any type of ideas related to building our membership communities, group coaching programs and working with clients
  • Onboarding Coaching Call with Primoz - We will privately speak about any challenges or questions you have with the growth of your membership
  • Get coached and be part of an interactive group mastermind (Live Zoom Calls)
  • Always receiving custom feedback on your work (niche selection, course creation, messaging, content writing, mindset, operations, etc...)


  • GROUP MASTERMIND - $149 per month
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Group Mastermind Call
  • VIP Support With Primoz - Reply to your DM messages Instantly
  • Accountability partner - Match you with someone who is on the same journey as you to help each other
  • 1-1 support - $249 per month
  • All above
  • 3x per month 15-min 1-1 coaching calls with Primoz

Ready to become part of our group mastermind?


Would you like to have a Private Coaching Session to get Personalized Feedback on what your Membership Offer should be about? (Or get technical help with building your Automated Funnel System)

One-time Offer - Only $39 (usually $150) - After adding this to your Cart you will receive an E-mail to schedule a 45-50 min Strategy Session with Primoz)

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